‘We were just trying to be a little bit more beautiful’: Flowers decorate funeral flowers

The floral arrangements of flowers at a funeral in California were “just a little more beautiful” than what the flowers could do with their hands, according to the mother of one of the flowers, according for ABC News.

A family of nine, the floral arrangements were arranged in a style reminiscent of a wedding reception, the station said.

The flowers, each decorated with a flower child, were arranged with one hand, one arm, and one leg to represent each of the nine children in the family, the broadcaster said.

“It was just a really beautiful moment,” the mother, who wished to remain anonymous, told ABC News after the service.

“I couldn’t believe it, to see the love in the faces of my nine beautiful children, and they all just stood there like they were in awe of each other.”

The flowers were placed on a table with a black, white, blue and red floral backdrop, ABC News said.