Sunflower Art from the Flow State of Florida

A Florida man’s spray-painting of a sunflower, called the flow state of Florida, inspired a group of artists to create an Acrylic Flower Painting from the flow.

The Sunflower Painting was created by artist, Scott Wilson, who said he is inspired by the flower’s unique colors and “softness” to create the artwork.

“When you’re painting a sun flower, you need to be able to paint the color that it’s going to be, that you want it to be,” Wilson said.

“This is a little bit of the color and softness that the sunflower is known for.”

The artwork was created with a spray can and acrylic paints that have a flow state.

The art is a tribute to Florida’s Sunshine State, which has a rich history of natural beauty and wildlife.

Wilson said the sun flower is known to be a native plant and the painting was inspired by how it is perceived by people.

“I want to take it as an opportunity to paint something out of that and say, ‘OK, I’m painting it for you, I love it, I really like it, this is what I want it for,'” he said.

“And the fact that I’m able to do that, it’s just amazing, it just shows that there’s a lot of love for this plant, and there’s still hope for the rest of the world,” Wilson added.

Wilson said he hopes to create more paintings and paintings with other plants, like the cotton plant, which is often used as a flower bed for the sun, as well as other flowers.

He hopes to keep doing his work, even if the painting is not finished.

“It’s kind of like an art gallery where you can take your painting and get it painted and get more of it done,” Wilson told ABC News.

“We’re just waiting for the day when we’re able to show people the whole process.”

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