How to Grow Your Own Cherries

The latest in the world of cherry blossom flowers is on the horizon, and it’s no small task.

Cherry blossom blooms are so prevalent in China, that it’s practically a requirement that you plant some. 

The Chinese people have been cultivating the flowers for thousands of years, but they’ve only recently begun to be grown commercially. 

According to the BBC, “They’re called cherries in China because they are the brightest cherry that never goes dark.”

So, how do you begin to grow a cherry blower? 

According the BBC: “You’ll need a good garden, lots of water, a good fan and a lot of sunshine.

If you have a very sunny day, then the blossoms will grow quickly. 

If you have less than perfect conditions, then it will take about four months.” 

If that sounds daunting, don’t worry. 

This is an easy and relatively inexpensive process. 

Using a piece of paper and a few sheets of plywood, you can build a cherry blossoming garden, which will last for years. 

And the flowers don’t need to be big to look good. 

“The flowers are really lovely to look at, and if you have the right plants, you could actually grow them,” said Jillian Brown, a certified nursery manager with the British Gardeners’ Association. 

Brown added that you could “build cherry blossoms of any size, whether it be 1 inch tall or 2 feet tall.” 

You can find out more about how to start growing cherry blossomains in the BBC article. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Start growing your own cherries, because we promise, they’ll be in our garden soon. 

Image via Wikimedia Commons