Flower Boy: Flowers, a new trend, and a new way of life

A new trend for flowers is sprouting up across Canada.

The flowers are growing fast, with many flower shops, flower nurseries and farmers markets popping up across the country.

They are also being marketed as a new and different way of living, with the goal of increasing biodiversity.

The plants grow in the winter and spring, but when temperatures drop and water levels drop they can grow to more than 40 centimetres in size.

The first bloom was in northern Ontario in July.

The blooms, which can be found on the lawns and rooftops of Toronto, are now appearing in communities across the province.

“It’s a wonderful thing, a beautiful thing, but it’s a little bit different from the flowers that you see in a garden or on the trees,” said Sarah Pecan, who owns the Flowers for the World nursery in Richmond Hill, Ont.

“We’re trying to be a little more organic, a little less artificial, but also a little different from what’s going on in our garden.”

The plants are a way of creating new and unique habitats for plants that have been lost to farming, she said.

“You can have plants that can be used for firewood, you can have trees that can replace old tires.

We can all use plants in a way that we haven’t had before,” she said, adding that many plants can be grown for a long time.

Pecan said she is seeing more and more flowers sprouting from her patio.

“People are coming from all over Canada.

They’ve come to see us.

We’ve had people coming from across the globe come in and buy flowers and they’ve come back and planted them in their gardens,” she added.”

There’s not a lot of people who grow flowers in Ontario.”

The bloom is now expected to last until the end of the month, with more to come.