An old car has a new owner

A car that was parked in a garden shed in Carlsbad, Calif., a city near Los Angeles, had its original owner turn it into a flower field.

The car was parked on the lawn of a house on the same street in September.

The woman who bought the car said she’s been saving money to renovate the house and was looking for a new place to park the car.

The home’s owner, whose name was not released, told the Los Angeles Times she has no idea where the car came from.

The old car is located in the middle of a field, and a few years ago, she and her son were taking a walk in the backyard.

She said she noticed that the old car had a few scratches and that it had been sitting in a shed that had been vacant for about a year.

She called the local police, and the car was taken for a routine checkup.

The new owner, who is a gardener and was also not named, said she didn’t know where the old one had been.

She has had it for several years.