‘I Have a Dragon Flower’: An Interview with the Woman Who Created the Newborn Pop Culture Icon

Sweet pea, flower, and dragon are all part of the same family, but one of the world’s most iconic symbols is a baby dragon.

The dragon has been used in a number of popular pop culture icons from “Avatar” to “Star Wars” to the newest installment of “The Walking Dead,” but in the United States, there are only a handful of baby dragon statues.

So how did this iconic symbol come to be?

And why is there such a high demand for a new baby dragon?

In early 2015, a couple of friends in London were browsing through old photos of the famous baby dragon, when they stumbled across a photograph of a woman named Sarah Higgs, who was born in 1926 and lived in the UK during World War II.

After the war, Higgs was inspired by the story of her daughter to design a baby baby dragon statue that would be able to fly, fly in the air, and fight.

Sarah Higgis baby dragon was born on March 6, 1922, and was named after her daughter, Sarah.

Higgs wanted to honor her daughter by making the dragon fly and protect her, so she named her dragon after her.

Higg’s daughter died in 1944 and Sarah Hisses grandson was born just a few years later.

The new baby baby Dragon was created by Sarah Hiscs mother, who had a fascination with dragons and dragons as a child.

When Sarah Hildings granddaughter, Mary, passed away in 1974, Higg made the baby dragon to honor Mary, as well as honoring the dragon that she loved so much.

The baby dragon has become a worldwide symbol of the dragon and is now a part of popular culture, particularly among women who are in the workforce, according to ABC News.

Higgs was known for creating her baby dragon as a symbol of hope, strength, and strength of body.

It also symbolizes the life and death struggle of the human spirit, according a 2016 article by the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

It was designed by Higg, and the dragon flew to safety on the plane to New York City.

The woman who created the new baby was born a child and her granddaughter Mary Hiss.

Sarah’s daughter Mary died in 1974 and Sarah’s granddaughter Mary died of cancer in 2015.