How to keep the best flowers alive in your garden

I have been told by many of my friends that I am not the best gardener, and I agree.

But it is a question that comes with the job, and it is one that I would love to answer. 

For me, the question is not ‘can you do it all?’ but ‘can I?’ 

And if you are going to do it, you should be able to do it all.

And while I would never say that you can’t do it everything, I do think you have to be flexible and creative to get the most out of your garden. 

If you can find a way to make sure that you are doing everything that you need to do, then you can get more out of it. 

But if you have a lot of work to do on your garden, then it can be tempting to think that you don’t have time to think about it.

You are on the hunt for a particular flower, you are trying to maintain a certain number of plants, and you just don’t know what else to do. 

You have to make that decision carefully and make the most of every little piece of time. 

So here is my list of things that I do every day, and things that I can do every day. 


Make sure that I have good ventilation and light  The air in my garden is so thin, and so very dry, that you often can’t really see what is happening in your gardens.

You have to keep a good eye on your plants. 

To prevent the pests and disease that can happen in your soil, you need a good ventilation system. 

I find that I can easily keep my plants under 75 per cent humidity, which is great for a large garden.

If your plants are on the verge of dying, you will have a difficult time getting them to come back. 

It also helps to have a small air vent in the back of your house, which can be used to keep your plants moist and warm. 


Get your plants out of the shade I have found that I tend to be the one to make the decision about whether or not to get out the shade.

I find that a large amount of people think that if you keep your plant in the shade, it is just going to be a dead plant.

But if you can have them out of their containers and get some shade on the outside, you can actually help to make your plants healthier. 

The truth is that the shade does more to help to keep plants healthy.

It keeps the soil moist and helps the roots grow faster. 


Use a water sprinkler I use a water spout, but there are a lot of things that you can do with a water hose.

You can put a bucket in your yard, or you can put a hose in your back garden.

If you have a lot more than one hose, you can have one in the garden and the other in the front garden.

You could also put a water bottle in the water hose, and fill it with water from your garden hose. 


Put the soil back together I have found that the best way to get your soil back is to use your pest control plan.

This is where you start by getting rid of any pests that are still there.

You then apply insect repellents and mulch and you then use a pest control plan. 

In the garden, I like to have some type of pesticide or mimicry kit.

It is a really good way to keep pests and fungi out of your soil. 


Make sure your trees are well cared for I am not the biggest fan of artificial poles or homes that are made of plastic.

You need to keep your trees healthy.

The best thing about a proper care plan is that you have all the parts that are needed to do that. 


Maintain the soil in good condition There is nothing worse than the soil getting very wet.

If it is very wet, you end up with a lot  of soil that is very weak and not good for anything that grows. 

As an example, if you have a lot of weeds that have maintained their roots in the soil, then they can be quite difficult to eradicate.

If you want to make things easier for yourself, you should try to maintain the soil as it is.

You will be able to keep things fresh, and you will be better able to keep things in place. 7.