Flowers, flowers, flowers: Texas’ flower ban could help boost tourism

Lubbock, Texas (AP) A Texas city that bans flower vases after dark because of the presence of the drug synthetic marijuana is trying to expand its flower ban to include some other flower varieties, including lavender and roses.

The city of Lubbocks issued its flower bans Tuesday after a string of cases of police shootings, suicides and drug overdose.

A group of community members began lobbying for the ban after an October shooting in Lubboo and after a May overdose in Litchfield.

Police in Lillicoore, Texas, issued a public health alert after a spate of drug overdose deaths last year, including one that occurred in Lopati, about an hour east of Littlestown.

More:Lubbock officials said the drug can be found in “a lot of places, including on a lot of flowers,” including lavenders, roses and petals.

They are asking the public to be vigilant and notify police if they see any suspicious flowers.

Lubbocks Mayor Randy Wooten said the city has asked the Texas Department of Public Safety for the department to begin issuing warning letters to businesses that sell flowers that might be laced with synthetic marijuana.

If you see anything suspicious, call Lubbons police at (806) 839-5801.