The Jasmine Flower

Shota Flow is an emerging young designer who is also an illustrator.

She has a passion for drawing flower outlines and is currently working on a book on floral illustrations.

Shota has been in the industry for over two years.

She is currently finishing her master’s degree at the prestigious Hebrew University.

Shita, who is from Gif-Rim, is a graduate of Haifa University.

She lives in Jerusalem with her husband and two children.

Shotta Flow is also a freelance illustrator and illustrator for websites and magazines, who has worked in several countries including the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Japan and India.

She draws inspiration from her own family history, especially her grandmother who was a Jewish girl who converted to Islam and had a large Arab family.

Shta Flow said that her inspiration comes from her grandmother, who converted from Islam to Judaism.

“I want to draw the most beautiful and inspiring illustrations for people to see, so that they can know that they are not alone,” Shota said.

Shuta is a talented illustrator, and her artwork can be found on websites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Her work is always connected to her faith and her grandmother’s conversion.

“My grandmother converted to Judaism in the 1950s and I feel that she was one of the most influential people in her family,” Shta said.

“In the end, she was a true pioneer who gave her life to this cause.”

Shita and her husband, Shota, a student at Hebrew University, were raised in a family of Jews, and have a deep connection to Judaism and Judaism’s history.

“We were brought up in a Jewish family, but we were not religious,” Shita said.

The couple moved to Israel with their family in 2006 and have been living in Jerusalem since.

Shula, the mother of Shota and Shota’s daughter, is the sister of Shaamat who is the founder of Shita Flow, and is also the founder and managing director of the popular website.

She said that the inspiration for Shota came from her father who converted after the Holocaust.

Shulamit, the founder, said that Shota grew up in an Islamic family and became an Orthodox Jew.

“When Shota was in her teens, she came to me and asked me to teach her how to draw flowers,” Shula said.

Since Shota is an illustrative artist, Shula also has the opportunity to work with other talented artists.

“Shota is a very talented artist, and I am very proud of her,” Shulah said.

 Shota’s grandmother, Shita.

Source: Shula Flow/Instagram Shota will be illustrating flowers for a book titled Flowers for Everyone by Shita at the end of the year.

Shola, Shuta’s mother, said, “I am a bit excited about the book because Shota really is one of my favourite artists.”

Shula added that Sheta is a huge fan of flower drawings and that her grandmother would often tell her that she should draw more flowers than Shota.

“Her grandmother told Shota that when she was younger, she wanted to draw a flower, but it was so hard for her because her grandmother did not know how to make flowers.

I believe that Shita’s grandmother also saw her drawing inspiration in her own grandmother,” Shulia said.

Shola said that she also has some inspiration from the artist’s mother.

Shulia, the daughter of Shuta and Shaaman, said her grandmother had a big influence on Shota as she was the only one who could teach her to draw.

Shyaan also shared that Shaana, the wife of Shanda, a leading figure in the world of fashion, was also an inspiration to her.

“Her grandmother had her own brush with drawing, and Shiaan is also inspired by her,” said Shyaana.

Shola has a small collection of photographs, which she keeps in her office, which are displayed in her studio.

The collection includes pictures of her father and her mother and her grandparents.

She also has a collection of images from her grandfather, who she describes as a “great artist.”

“I want my grandmother to have a large influence on my life,” Shola said.