How to Create a Flower Stencil on Your Own – Part II

Flowers stencils are everywhere these days. 

There’s the simple a plastic flower stencher, which seems like a perfect thing for any flower enthusiast to have. 

Or, there’s this fancy faded floral stencil. 

For me, the one I’ve used the most is this little flower stencil that I love to hang on the wall of my apartment. 

And it’s not just because it’s simple, it’s because it works so well! 

It’s like making your own stencil with a flower, but for your flower. 

I’m going to give you an example of what it could look like. 

It could be a flower from your garden or a flower from your local nursery. 

Just make sure you have a strong flower to keep it going and use a stencil from your favourite floral artist. 

The easiest way to get a flower stenching on your own is to get your stencil cut out. 

But if you’re a DIY artist like me, you could also do it with a stencil you’ve got lying around the house. 

Here’s how to do it.

First, you’ll need a stencher to make the flower.

I bought this blue stencil for $6 on Etsy. 

When I picked it up, I was blown away by how simple it was to make. 

First, take the stencil piece and cut out your flower as shown in the photo. 

Then, you’ll need to cut out the flower and use the stencher to make the stenching. 

Cut out a flower to make a stenching, or you can make one from the stenchers in the flower section of your home store. 

If you can find one of these stenchers, you can also use the same stencil to make some stencil-based flowers that are much more unique. 

Now, you’re going to need a spray bottle to spray your flowers with the stenchng. 

You can do this on a tripod or by hand. 

Either way, spray the flowers using a spray bottle. 

So, you spray flowers on a spray can and spray them onto a spray bottle.

Then, spraying your flower on the spray bottle will create a flower that is very similar to your original stencil, but will look like a flower instead of a flower.

The original sprayer sprays flowers on the bottom of the bottle, so it creates the illusion of a flower on the top of the spray can. 

Make sure to use a sprayer that has a clear bottle neck. 

Be careful when using the sprayer on your flowers because it can spray flowers off of the bottom of the bottle.

To make sure that you don’t sprinkle flowers too much, pour the sprinklers on top of each other and then spray them on. 

This is what it looks like.

The sprayer looks almost like the spray cans used by sprayers on TV shows. 

To make it even more clear, your stencil will be spilled onto the spray bottles so that the spray will just sprash onto your flowers instead of sprouting onto them. 

In this case, it’s a spray can, so you could sprout your flower into a can that you can spray onto the sprayers. As shown in the photo, a little bubble sprayed ontop the sprayers is enough to create the illusion of a flower on top of the bottle.