A new trend for small flower tattoos in the US

A new type of small flower tattoo has popped up on US markets.

The term flower mound, also known as flower design, refers to tattoos that use a flower or flower mound as a focal point.

While flower designs were popular in the UK, it’s rare to find one that’s in use here.

A new trend is popping up for small flowers on US tattoo parlors, as well as tattoo shops and salons.

When a small flower is placed on a tattoo, the design often takes on a floral motif.

This can be a small, individual flower or a larger, collective flower.

According to a survey by the tattoo association, there are now around 8 million flower designs on US tattoos.

Tattoo artists say that in addition to flower designs, flower tattoos have also become popular on US streets and in salons, as people have turned to the trend to express their individuality.

It’s not only flower designs that are gaining popularity on the US market.

Some US salons and tattoo parlor owners have also begun to make flower tattoos as a way to get away from the mainstream tattooed look.

With flower tattoos appearing more and more in salon and tattoo shops, many are now looking for new designs that they can work with.