When I saw the news that anemones flower had been stolen, I thought to myself, “How cute!”

title The day anemony flowers were stolen from a flower shop article title When a flower thief stole an anemon flower article title Anemone flowers stolen from flower shop in Melbourne article title Anemones stolen from an Melbourne flower shop, Melbourne’s biggest news article title Melbourne’s flower shop thief caught article title Police hunt man in Melbourne who stole anemons from flower store article title A man who stole the flowers of anemonic plants from a Melbourne flower supply shop has been caught.

The thief, believed to be aged between 30 and 40, stole an Anemony flower, valued at $200,000, from a supply house on Tuesday night.

An arrest warrant has been issued for the man who was caught.

Police said the suspect is known to gardai and was last seen at his home in Brunswick, about 45 kilometres north-west of Melbourne.

It’s believed he was wearing a black tracksuit jacket, white shirt and black trousers.

“It’s a big story and it’s a pretty big story for the police, we’re really pleased to get this,” Senior Sergeant Chris MacLeod said.

He said the man had been out with other men and that one of them was the one who had stolen the flower.

A police spokeswoman said officers had been searching the supply house in Brunswick for the suspect.

The gardai are investigating the theft of the Anemones.