How to grow a cherry blossom in your garden

A cherry bloke has found a way to grow more than one flower in his garden.

The man, who goes by the online handle flowerpot, says his garden is full of flowers but has been struggling to find a way of growing a cherry.

Mr Flowerpot says he grew a cherry tree in his backyard in the southern city of Brisbane.

“I grew it in a bush, so it’s been around for a while and I’ve got lots of trees, but the thing is, the tree was still getting used to being a tree and I didn’t want it to get old,” he told ABC Radio Brisbane.

Mr Flowerspot said he had already planted a cherry that is growing well, but was still not sure whether he should plant more.

“It’s hard to decide, because it’s so beautiful and I think the cherry blowers are lovely too,” he said.

Mr Blossompot said while the tree is doing well, he doesn’t want to leave the other trees alone.

“They’ve all got their needs and they’re all lovely,” he added.

“But I’ve been using them for their trees for the last few years.”

The cherry blower is the cherry tree that I’m using for the cherry trees in my garden.

“And the cherry bush, they’re just nice, soft, lovely, green, healthy trees.”

He said the tree has been growing steadily in his home, but he’s not sure when it will reach full size.

“You know, it’s very slow growing and it’s a very slow start, and the cherry blossoms are so beautiful, so I don’t want them to get out of hand,” he explained.

“If you don’t do it right the cherry flowers won’t bloom.”

So it’s all very well, the cherry blooms will grow in the next year or two but it’s quite a long time before it will bloom, so you just have to be patient.

“Mr Flowerpots favourite flowers include the lilac, rose, peach, plumeria and rosemary.