‘The perfect way to pay for flowers’: How to pay with cash, credit card and a card reader at a flower market

A flower seller has started accepting credit cards at her flower market.

The store, called Magnolia Flower, has a few flower-related businesses on its premises.

One of them, Magnolia Flowers, accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

It is a small operation.

The flower sellers, who are mostly elderly women and children, are self-employed, so the flower prices are not as high as a regular flower market or flower market in their area.

The market is a mix of flowers and flower-selling.

There are stalls selling rose and balsam, which are among the rarest and most precious flowers in India.

The shop sells only rose and its flowers, such as tulips, and its sellers only buy flowers for sale.

At the flower market the flowers are collected by a gardener who takes them to a flower shop for sorting.

The prices are lower than at a normal flower market and the gardener, who sells them, takes out a loan to pay his flower sellers.

One flower seller, Anand Shastri, is in the process of collecting all the flowers and sells them at the flower-sales area of the flower shop.

In the flower sales area, people are paying around Rs 50 per flower.

Shastry sells all the different varieties of flowers.

“People come from different parts of the country to buy flowers at the market.

But in the last three years, we have started accepting Visa, American, MasterCard and Discover cards for the purchase of flowers,” Shastra said.

According to Shastrian, most of the customers are elderly women who come from villages in the northern part of the state of Madhya Pradesh.

People from the north of the State also buy flowers from the market, but the farmers don’t want to do it, Shastree said.

Shastry said she had also started accepting debit cards.

She said the merchants are taking out loans from banks to pay the flower sellers who have the money.

Mandalipura flower market is the largest in the country.

In 2016, it had about 2,000 flower sellers in a small garden, selling about 400,000 flowers.

But the flower industry in the area is in dire straits and has shrunk by about 40 per cent since then.

Most of the shops have closed down since then and there are only about 100 flower sellers left in the village.

Shastri said she wants to open a flower store in the flower shops area so that people can have more options and that they can still sell flowers.