How to turn your flower beds into butterfly pea flowers

The latest in Australian flower trends is to turn garden beds into butterflies, according to one of the country’s leading flower breeders.

Butterfly plants are popular in Australian gardens, and a new breed of butterfly plants has been bred in Australia that will look like a butterfly but will have a more flower-like appearance.

The new breed is the Butterfly Pea flower (A.

palustris) and it was developed by the University of Queensland’s Butterfly Research Centre.

“The butterflies have a lovely pattern of flowers that are quite distinct,” says Dr Paul Jones, a flower breeding scientist at the Butterfly Research Center.

“They’re very pretty and you can see a lot of butterfly blooms and they do really well in a lot a different places, like gardens and on flower beds.”

Dr Jones says the butterflies have developed very well in Queensland.

“It’s really been a very successful breed and it has had a very high success rate,” he says.

“We’ve had some really nice results with them in Queensland and the rest of the Australian states and the NT and Tasmania.”

The butterfly peas have been bred by scientists from the Butterfly Plant Breeding Station at the Queensland Agricultural Research Station.

Dr Jones is keen to emphasise that there is no scientific evidence to suggest the new breed can be harmful.

“There’s no evidence that it causes problems, they’ve got a good genetic structure,” he said.

“If you have an egg laying population, there’s a very good chance it will be able to survive and produce butterflies, so there’s no reason to worry about it.”

However, if you have a population of birds that are nesting and the butterfly peads are starting to take over, that’s when you can worry about the potential of a butterfly peapod to be detrimental.

“He says he’s confident in the Butterfly Flower Seed Company’s claims that they have developed a safe and effective product.”

In terms of safety, we don’t think there’s any doubt about it,” he told ABC Radio.”

You can use the seed and it’s safe to use, you just don’t need to use it on flowerbeds or anything like that.

“I can guarantee that the seed is very safe, I’ve tested it and I’ve had very good results with it.”

Dr Dave Jones, founder and chairman of the Butterfly Seed Company, is passionate about the butterfly seed.

“Its just wonderful.

Its a very simple product and if you’ve got some luck in the world, you can breed a butterfly seed that is going to produce butterflies in your garden,” he tells the ABC.”

So it’s fantastic for gardeners, it’s a great product.”

The company has a website,, and offers a number of free products for use in your gardens.

Dr Dave says the new butterfly seed is a fantastic product.