Cardinal sings ‘I Feel Like I’m Flying’ with Butterfly Flower

“I feel like I’m flying,” said Cardinal Francis George in the song “I Feel like I Am Flying” for a new musical that he has co-written with producer Amy Siskel.

The music video was directed by Matthew Bell, and is based on a piece of music from a poem by the 17th-century poet Robert Louis Stevenson.

The music video is the latest collaboration between the pontiff and composer Amy SISKEL, who produced and directed the previous musical, “The Cardinal’s Theme.”

The first time Cardinal George and SISKEls son, Cardinal Anthony, performed together, “I Am The Cardinal” was the last of the first five shows in 2019 at the New York City Opera House.

“The Prince of Hearts” was performed at the Metropolitan Opera House in the fall of 2018.

In a news release, the opera house said that the video “was written and directed by Amy Siskels son, and has been co-produced and produced by the opera world and its partners.”

The new musical is the third installment in a trilogy about the pontificate of Cardinal George, who took the helm of the Catholic church after the death of Pope Benedict XVI in March 2015.

George, 61, has been named Pope Francis by the Catholic Church.