Obama’s first state of the union address: The state of his soul

NEW YORK — President Barack Obama delivered a heartfelt, emotional address to Congress on Monday night in a speech to the nation about his new health care law and his recovery from surgery.

Obama addressed the nation from the White House, where he was being treated for a blood clot in his left lung and was being monitored by a team of doctors.

The speech, delivered in front of the Capitol, was largely a reflection of his health and recovery and also of the challenges ahead for him.

As Obama approaches the end of his term in office, many have speculated that he will make another speech on the Affordable Care Act, the health care reform law he championed and helped pass in 2009.

It was a clear signal of how he expects to continue to speak on behalf of the law during his remaining time in office.

The president also spoke of his determination to work with Congress and the public to “get this done” for all Americans.

The president said he hopes to return to work in a couple of weeks.