Zinnia Flowers and Flowchart creator Zinni has an incredible new product. It’s a flower world. – Business Insider

The creator of the flowchart-style flower world Zinniya is giving away her first flower of the year.

Zinniy is a graphic designer, but she also loves making flower illustrations, and this year she decided to give away a new product called a “flow chart” maker. 

You can read more about the creation of this flowchart maker in the article “The New Flowchart Maker Zinnya” here. 

In the above picture, you can see how a flower would look like if it was on a spiral. 

The creator of Zinnie’s flower world, Artichoke Flower, says she wants to create something beautiful that makes flowers and the creative process of drawing them look beautiful. 

“I really like flower drawing, so I wanted to make something that was really nice for my customers,” she told Business Insider. 

Her company, Zinnikart, also offers a collection of products like flow charts, flower-shaped flowers, and flowers that can be customized to your taste. 

She created a flower chart that she calls “a spiral flower”. 

Here’s a little closer look at what this flower chart might look like. 

Here are a few of the pictures in the original drawing that are part of the Zinniewart flower world: It’s an elegant, creative way to visualize flowers and art.

The creator says it’s also an easy way to share the artwork with friends. 

Artichoke said the flower chart she made is “very different from other flow chart makers”. 

“For the most part, the flower design itself is very intuitive, and I’m really interested in getting it into the hands of the people who would be most interested in drawing it,” she said. 

Zinni hopes to get as many people interested in the new product as she can.

She said the idea came about when she was looking for an idea for a flower drawing product that was easy to make and look great. 

This was a perfect fit for the creator.

She wanted a flower that would look good on a computer, and it would look nice in a flower stand or a flower holder. 

For her, the most important part of her work is the creative work that goes into creating the illustrations. 

If you’re a fan of flowers, you’ll want to give this one a try. 

Want to create your own flowchart with Zinniat? 

Read our tutorial on how to make your own Zinniwart flower.