Flowers to bloom in gardenia flower this weekend


(AP) Flowers to pop up in gardenias in Florida this weekend will be the first to appear in more than a century of flowers.

The flower is an ancient plant that grows wild in Central America.

It was domesticated from plants grown on wild turkeys in the United States and brought to Europe in the 19th century.

It is called a “floating gardenia” because the flowers appear to float in water.

The plant is native to Central America and is often used in folk art, but its use as a medicinal herb is banned in the U.S. and other countries.

The plants blooms in May and the first blooms are scheduled for Sunday in a region near Naples, a popular vacation spot.

The flowers are an early sign of spring in Florida.

The blooms were announced by the Florida Garden Council on Friday, the same day the U-turn on the ban on marijuana.

It says it will stop issuing permits to people with active marijuana use, a move that will take effect Monday.

The Florida Garden Commission is trying to keep growers out of the state, saying it is a safety hazard.

The group also said it will not allow the sale of marijuana, which is still illegal.