When the bloom is over, why do people dress up as flower bears?

When the blooms are over, the blooming flower bears in India have been in mourning mode.

The bluebell flower bear has been a symbol of the mourning period, the time of mourning for the flower families.

It was not a traditional flower bearing symbol and had no significance for the Indian people, but it was a symbol that made people feel connected to the flowers.

The flower bears were dressed in a festive fashion.

The people were dressed up in the flower-print attire that the bear was wearing and they would have the bear at a particular place in the house.

It was a form of communication between the family and the bear.

This tradition was also observed in other parts of the world, but in India, the tradition is not only associated with mourning but also with honouring the dead.

The tradition was observed at all different places, and the family members were seen together.

The bear had to be brought home to the family as soon as possible and it was never left unattended.

The parents would come and see it in the morning.

They would give it a bath, wash it, and then put it in its bed.

It would be placed under the tree and it would be left there to rest.

The people would leave the house and go to the forest for the day and return in the evening.

At dusk, the bear would come home.

The bears would then be fed and watered and fed again until they became hungry.

After this, the family would go to a temple where the mother would take care of the bear and the father would take the bear for a walk.

The family would then go to see the bear again the next day.

This time, they would leave it alone and it did not disturb anyone else.

The bear would then return to the place where it had been placed and it is believed that it would come back again and again to the temple.

This way, the people could remember the memory of the loved ones who died during the mourning process.

The story of the flower bears and the tradition of mourning continues to be kept alive in India.