How a flower tattoo changed my life

The day I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of my own heartbeat, I thought, This is the day.

I’ve had a few heartbeats, which have changed my entire life.

And the heartbeating was an important part of my childhood.

When I was a child, my dad would always have to take me to the park and take me on a ride on his bike.

I used to laugh, thinking he was going to be an astronaut.

But when he got sick and my mom would have to go to work and I’d have to come home from school, I’d sit and wait.

My dad had a heart condition called angina, which means my heart rate is very slow.

So my heart was very slow, and I didn’t have a lot of exercise, which was a real challenge.

So when I got my heart condition diagnosed, I had to find an alternative way to stay active.

When the doctors first asked me what I wanted my tattoo to say, I didn’ know what to say.

So I started thinking about flowers.

So I just started painting flowers.

The first one I had, I got from my dad’s flower shop in South Dakota.

I painted a flower on it, and it had a message on it: Love, Heart and Purpose.

So, I took that and painted it on my sleeve.

I thought that was pretty neat.

I went to my mom’s house and I had a glass of milk, and she started reading to me and saying, You have this tattoo of a flower and a heart and you want me to paint it on your sleeve, so I painted it.

I started painting and then painting more.

The next tattoo I had was of my mom, and that was my first tattoo that said, You are beautiful, and you deserve to love your mother.

So, I wanted to paint on my back.

And I got another tattoo, on my right hand, I painted on my left hand, which is my heart.

I wanted it to say that I’m beautiful, too.

My mom said, I think you’re beautiful.

And then I went to the hospital, and they had an ultrasound.

They said, Your heart is a tumor, and your blood is a clot.

So you don’t have any hope of ever getting the heart transplant, and if you’re going to get the heart you need to have surgery, and the procedure is a heart transplant.

So they said, What kind of heart transplant do you want to do?

And I said, My mom, my heart is fine.

I have no hope of getting the transplant.

But I’m going to keep going, and then, I said to my sister, My heart is still fine, I love you.

My sister said, It’s the right thing to do.

I started to paint and paint and then started to draw, and so now my sister is like, I’m glad you painted your tattoo, because I’m so happy.

I love the flowers.

It’s a reminder of how lucky we are to have someone in our life that loves us and cares for us and loves our family, and when I get my heart, I get that.

And, you know, I’ve had tattoos, but I have never had a tattoo that’s so powerful, so emotional.

I think that’s what I love about this tattoo.

I feel like it reminds me of my sister’s love.

And now, this is going to come up in a different way, I guess, next year, when I’m at the doctor’s office and they give me the transplant, I’ll take it as my own.